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I know that most of you are here for the results of the Pumpkin Carving Contest of 2008, and many others of you are just here for the food (people after my own heart!). If you will, however, please indulge me in a moment of non-food blog related fodder ….

I feel compelled to comment on recent events.  These have been an emotional 48 hours. For the last 24, I have found myself overwhelmed with emotion: hope, joy, and immense satisfaction. I am so in awe of the fact that, after two contentious and botched elections, Americans were able to come together and make a resounding choice for hope – not fear – and change – not politics as usual. I believe wholeheartedly that we the people made the right choice yesterday.

I am also so proud of all Americans – all 61% of you eligible voters – who turned out to make your voices heard. For the first time, I believe that we are positioning ourselves to unify for the greater good – both McCain’s gracious concession speech and Obama’s inspirational acceptance speech further shored up that belief of mine. As I watched our President-elect speak to the joyful crowd in Chicago late last night, and as scenes of exuberant celebration were shown from all across this vast country of ours – I was moved to tears. Well done, America, well done.

For those of you whose candidate did not win last night, I do not mean to exclude you. I do not presume to judge or disrespect your views – we all move forward together from this point. Yes, we can.

And now I’ll move onto the blog-related content you are all here for.

Whose pumpkin carving skills reigned supreme in’08?

This was, by far, the most closely contested race in recent pumpkin carving history. I believe that this year’s contestants took this game to a whole new level of pumpkin carving skills. I thank all of you who joined in our fun and left your comments and thoughts for us – many of them brought a good belly laugh ☺

On to the results …..

In fifth place, with three votes: Go Gators!

In fourth place, with nine votes: When Hillary Met Sarah

Next – for the first time ever! – a tie for second place, with eleven votes apiece: Scare ‘Em Up Crows and Scary Ghoulie Head

And, finally ….. (drum roll please) …..

In first place, with thirteen votes: Arachnophobia!

And who won the coveted crown?

Not our proud Gator fan. For those of you who could not narrow it down between Dan and Jason, the Florida Gator was expertly carved by Jason.

Not our resident social studies geek who let her opinions about the GOP VP candidate be well known: that would be me.

Not our two participants who performed almost well enough for victory – almost: Melissa (Scary Ghoulie Head) and Dan (Scare ‘Em Crows).

The Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Champion of 2008 is: Holley! Holley is the newest addition to the contest and has been a Maui resident for all of two weeks … which leads me to ask: who invited her to steal the title? Just kidding … in all seriousness: congratulations to Holley! Her carving was impeccable.

I am certain that Holley will do her best to fulfill her duties as the Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Champion with dignity and respect until next Halloween, when the title will once again be up for grabs.

Finally … one of you is the lucky recipient of your own copy of Veganomicon. Using a random number generator, the winner is: #25 – Sara A.! Contact me via email with where to send your brand new cookbook!


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Come One, Come All … to decide who shall emerge victorious from the Fourth Annual Maui Ohana / Floridian Family Pumpkin Carving Contest!!

A little background on the contest (though some of you diehards need no reminders…) Six years ago Dan and I transplanted ourselves from the Sunshine State to the Rainbow State. Life was good, but we knew it could be improved … and we began to slowly convince people that Maui is not the worst place to live. Several of our hardy mates from Florida heeded the call. I believe it had something to do with an affinity for sun, sandruff, ocean views, and SPF. In a bout of competitiveness and a love of holidays, the Florida Family threw an impromptu pumpkin carving contest four years ago and, on the blog, the people came to vote. Thus was borne a yearly tradition that brings the Florida Family back together one night of the year to enjoy our friendship, share embarrassing stories about one other, and take pleasure in each other’s company. Each year we discuss expanding it to include all of our Maui Ohana, whom we love deeply and are so appreciative to call our Ohana, but out of respect for tradition (and the fact that our cozy cottage is limited in its ability to handle a knife wielding crowd) we “keep it in the Florida Family.” We have, however, in-lawed in a new carving buddy this past year. We’ve had a few members of the family rotate in and out over the years, but one constant remains: bring your game and bring it big.

To review the rules:
• a two hour carving time limit, and
• bare naked carving (that’s right, folks: no accessories, no stencils, no painting, no bells and no whistles)

The carvers are to be judged by three things and three things only: carving, creativity, and originality.

As we all are constantly reminded by the campaigning that is so aggressively underway in our nation at present, many great issues of our day stand in the balance. Here today we shall weigh in, cast our votes, and decide … who shall be the Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Champion of 2008. There is no campaigning in this election, however, (ahem, Jason…) as the pumpkins must speak for themselves. As you have taken the time to come to this post, you realize the gravity of this situation…

Three original pumpkin carvers along with two additions have come from around South Maui with one dream – to be named the Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Champ of 2008 and to be given the bragging rights associated with the title.

During the grueling two hour evening session of pumpkin carving, much game was brought and much smack was talked. The carvers endured a grueling struggle with pumpkin innards, endured intense battle with the thick shells, and overcame the great odds of carving curved shapes into the often-times unforgiving pumpkin surface.

Five worthy opponents, but only one will be named…

The Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Champion.

How this contest works: The responsibility for the decision rests upon you, dear voters. You have the opportunity to consider the five anonymous entries for this coveted title. By posting a comment that contains your vote for the pumpkin most worthy of being all of the following – “Most Original, Most Creative, and Best Carved” – you will make your voice heard in this contest of over-riding importance.

This is where destinies are realized and dreams are shattered.

Official Voting will end at 11:59 PM HST Tuesday, November 4th (4:59 AM EST Wednesday morning for all of you falling back an hour Saturday night…) so that the Official Vote Tabulation may begin and the Official Winner may be posted Wednesday evening.

One addition to this year’s competition: a gift for you. I would like to thank all of you who bring your enthusiasm to this contest each and every year. Choosing at random, someone will receive a brand spanking new copy of Veganomicon, just for participating in this year’s voting. To be eligible to win, you must leave your name in your voting comment.

Let the games begin!

In no particular order, our contenders are:

Pumpkin #1: Arachnaphobia

Pumpkin #2: Scary Ghoulie Head

Pumpkin #3: Scare ‘Em Up Crows

Pumpkin #4: Go Gators!

Pumpkin #5: When Hillary Met Sarah

(look closely and you’ll see the projection of pumpkin innards)

Cast your vote by leaving a comment (by clicking on “comments”) below. Be sure to leave your name to be eligible to win a copy of Veganomicon!

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